INTESTATE Heirs Selling Real Estate

Delaware Heirs Selling Real Estate when the Decedent Died Without a Will (Guidance from a Settlement Attorney): Unlike some states, in the State of Delaware, when a person died as the sole owner of real estate and died without a Last Will & Testament (i.e. the person died intestate), the estate itself is NOT the […]

September 2020 Real-Estate Section Meeting

The agenda for the September 9, 2020 DSBA Real-Estate Section Meeting is attached here. Please remember this is a ZOOM/Call-In meeting. September-2020-Real-Estate-Section-Meeting-AgendaDownload


If you have never been to our office in Newark, Delaware for an actual settlement and you receive a check that purports to be from us, please call our office number at 302-368-6233 to verify it. (We have had the same phone number and office address for 28 years so that phone number is easily […]

Delaware’s First-Time Homebuyer Transfer-tax discount/credit

On 8/28/2018, Delaware officially adopted a statewide first-time homebuyer transfer-tax discount/credit that is retroactive back to settlements that occurred on or after 8/1/2017 —where the buyer paid the *increased* transfer tax—that took effect in August 2017. It’s important to realize that this discount applies to all residential homes in the entire state—including municipalities like Town […]