Delaware’s First-Time Homebuyer Transfer-tax discount/credit

On 8/28/2018, Delaware officially adopted a statewide first-time homebuyer transfer-tax discount/credit that is retroactive back to settlements that occurred on or after 8/1/2017 —where the buyer paid the *increased* transfer tax—that took effect in August 2017. It’s important to realize that this discount applies to all residential homes in the entire state—including municipalities like Town of Middletown or City of Newark—that do not generally offer such a discount for properties within their limits. If my office handled your settlement and you purchased your first home, please give my office a call and we’ll mail you the form to sign and submit directly to the Delaware Division of Revenue.

(The same refund form is available online at…/…/DE-Claim-for-Refund-5405 for your immediate download and submission to the Delaware Division of Revenue. I am told it will take about 3-4 weeks for processing after their receipt.)