Brian Frederick Funk, P.A. Attorney at Law

To buy a property in Delaware or Pennsylvania, it is always advisable you seek the advice of an attorney who can help ensure the property you are buying is free of liens or other encumbrances, and that there are no imperfections in the title such as past due condominium fees, inheritance claims or other.

Our Newark real estate law office is conveniently located in the Pike Creek area of Wilmington, Delaware.

We provide legal advice and representation for real estate investors and owners including review of proposed transactions, writing documents, conducting negotiations, entity formation and advice on rules and regulations applicable to investing and property issues such as encroachments. 

Counterfeit check fraud is on the rise! If you have never been to our office in Newark, Delaware for an actual settlement and you receive a check that purports to be from us, please call our office number at 302-368-6233 to verify it.

Delaware Form 5403 effective 1/1/2019 Required for All Transfers of Real Property

Lincoln Lost His Home... Twice.

Abraham Lincoln is well known for being our 16th president and a resident of Illinois, but his story starts in Kentucky—where he was born and from where his family was forced to move due to land title issues. 

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What is Title Insurance?

So what exactly is “title insurance”? Well, when a property is financed, bought or sold, a record of that transaction is generally filed in public archives.

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Common Title Problems

Have you ever wondered why you need title insurance? Title problems can surface after you close on your home and affect your homeownership rights. 

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