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Delaware’s Notary Statute –29 Del. C. § 4323(a)(3)Delaware lawyers are permitted to perform notarial acts. Unlike a typical notary public, a Delaware lawyer does not have a commission that expires.
Mortgagee’s Responsibility to Satisfy a Paid Mortgage – 25 Del. C. § 2111(e)Under Delaware law, a mortgagee has 60 days to file a satisfaction piece at the Recorder of Deeds after receiving the mortgage’s final payoff.
Delaware’s Definition of “Good Funds” – See Section (n) on Page 7In Delaware, attorneys are only allowed to accept certain types of funds at settlement. As stated on page 7 of this PDF file, a personal check that exceeds $10,000.00 is NOT good funds. We will not accept a personal check on the day of settlement; we require that all personal checks clear our bank before settlement.